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CADSF Statement of Professional Standards and Conduct

All members shall comply with the Association's Statement of Professional Standards and Conduct:
  • CADS Foundation members represent to the public, by personal example and conduct, both their employer and their profession. They have, therefore, a duty to faithfully adhere to the highest standards and conduct in:
  • Their promotion of the merits of their institutions and of excellence in oral health care generally, providing community leadership in cooperation with health, educational, cultural, and other organizations;
  • Their words and actions, embodying respect for truth, honesty, fairness, free inquiry, and the opinions of others, treating all with equality and dignity;
  • Their respect for all individuals without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age or any other characteristic protected by applicable law;
  • Their commitment to strive to increase professional and personal skills for improved service to their donors and institutions, to encourage and actively participate in career development for themselves and others whose roles include support for resource development functions, and to share freely their knowledge and experience with others as appropriate;
  • Their continuing effort and energy to pursue new ideas and modifications to improve conditions for, and benefits to, donors and their institution;
  • Their avoidance of activities that might damage the reputation of any donor, their institution, any other resource development professional or the profession as a whole, or themselves, and to give full credit for the ideas, words, or images originated by others;
  • Their respect for the rights of privacy of others and the confidentiality of information gained in the pursuit of their professional duties;
  • Their respect for the law and professional ethics as a standard of personal conduct, with full adherence to the policies and procedures of their institution;
  • Their pledge to adhere to this Statement of Professional Standards and Conduct, and to encourage others to join them in observance of its guidelines.


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