Board Member Biographies


Dr. Jacqueline Allen

Past- President / Founding Member

  • Past-President and founding member – CADS Foundation (CADSF)
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Arizona Dental Association Board of Trustees
  • Dental Specialist – Endodontics
  • Private practice – Phoenix & Paradise Valley, AZ since 2001

Dr. Allen is a native of Ames, Iowa. She originally received a degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and taught Dental Hygiene for ten years before returning to UMKC to receive her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. While in dental school, Dr. Allen was enrolled in the Honors Endodontics program.

Immediately following graduation from dental school, Dr. Allen entered the Endodontic Program at the University of Minnesota received a Masters Degree in Endodontic.

Dr Allen has worked at dental Missions of Mercy in the following states: California, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Arizona. Her travel and observations at these other states were critical to the planning and execution of the inaugural event held in Arizona in 2012.

She believes CADSF's AZMOM is needed because: there are too many people that “fall through the cracks”-that are struggling with day to day life and need help to make day to day easier. Having dental health gives these people a chance to focus on things other than pain or infection, makes them more marketable for the job market and helps to unburden our emergency health care system.

Dr. Allen said, “A lot of people sacrificed for me to become a dentist. This is my way of making our community stronger and healthier.”